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We match students looking for work with businesses looking for exposure.



Get experience for your resume and get credit for it. Diamond Edge Communications, commonly referred to as DEC, is Temple University's student-run advertising agency. Under the guidance of Prof. Joe Glennon, the faculty director, you learn the ins and outs of the agency world and work with real clients. This is not a club. This is a three-credit course that meets graduation requirements or can be taken as an elective. 


All tracks are welcome. DEC is usually for juniors and seniors, but special exceptions can be made. Students can participate in DEC in multiple semesters and take on leadership roles including Creative Director, Account Supervisor or even Chief Operating Officer.


So, if your resume needs a little help or if you simply think DEC would be beneficial to your education (which it is). It's time to get to work.



From the big names to the little guys, we are working to create something new for our clients. Diverse minds lead to diverse ideas. We are young and eager, so you’ve come to the right place.


DEC students provide quality advertising and marketing communication work for a nominal fee, often less than $500. The students use their developing skills under faculty guidance to help you reach your goals below market rates.


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